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Orphan’s Hope Kids to Canada was founded in 2002 and since its inception we have offered grants to over 150 Canadian families adopting children from over 20 countries around the world. We are extremely happy to have helped rescue these children from the bleak futures that they faced and we are very grateful to our many generous donors over the years for their contributions.

Please note that as a result of a large number of applications submitted to date, we are extremely backlogged and will not be accepting any new applications until further notice. Any future changes to this status will be posted on the Home page of this website.

Please note that we will fully honour all grants previously awarded and for applicants currently on file note that there is still hope for some grants to be awarded this year and we will keep your applications in the draw for this purpose.

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93% of your donations go directly toward funding Canadian families bringing kids to Canada. See pictures of children Orphan's Hope Kids to Canada has helped. Volunteer, attend or support an Orphan's Hope event.
Orphan's Hope is the first Canadian charity dedicated to helping finance parents who adopt orphans from outside of North America. We receive no government funding and rely on corporate and individual donations. 93% of our donations are directly distributed to families in need.

Charitable Number: 86170 5887 RR0001

Understanding The Adoption Process In Canada

There are over 78,000 children currently under the care of a foster home or other institution. Nearly 30,000 of these children meet the qualifications for adoption. Only 2,000 children from this pool are adopted annually. Another 1,946 children arrive from outside of the country through international adoptions each year. The adoption process is not easy and often requires the help of a family lawyer Toronto. It can take a year or more to finalize the adoption. All adoptions follow the same general process.

Must Visit Booths At A Typical Baby Show

Once limited to corporations and academia, trade shows are now held for everything from electricians to the purveyors of comic books. These shows offer both those who work within the industry and those who use their goods a chance to acquire knowledge and network. Although the layout and agenda of these events vary depending on their themes, they generally feature lectures, panels, and a trading area where demonstrations are held, and industry-related items are displayed and sold. baby shows are now so popular, eighty-seven of them are held on an annual basis in twenty-seven countries and six hundred and ninety-four sectors.